Pretty Ken Says Cee-Lo Is Better Than Andre 3000, Expose Truths Of The Music Industry


Pretty Ken Good Hennec Show

The Atlanta legend give his side of the story.

Way before Atlanta became known for the place to go for strip clubs and turn up, there were a couple of artist brewing in that we would later go on to become some of Atlanta most notable names. One of those artist was Pretty Ken. He recently stopped by The Good Hennec Show to talk growing up with Cee-Lo and Outkast.

He explains why he thinks Cee-Lo was better, talks why he didn’t stick around the Dungeon and chose to form the Attic Crew (Big Floaty, Pretty Ken, Jbo, Mark Twayne, Freaky T, Shawty Putt, Ball, Sean P, Cutty, Preach) along with the demise of the crew.

He also goes into why the music industry is the way it is now, exposing the real truths in the music industry.