Your Trash Is Someone Else's Treasure
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Your Trash Is Someone Else’s Treasure

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Stop throwing away gems.

I know you’ve probably heard this saying a 100 times already, “your trash is someone else treasure”. But trust me it has a slightly different meaning this time around, so bare with me.

By now you know that Kendrick Lamar just released a new project, untitled unmastered. The project consists of 8 tracks from K.Dot’s To Pimp A Butterfly sessions that were unfinished and essentially demos.

That brings me to the idea of rethinking all of those ideas you thought about throwing away because they “were not good enough”. Truth is with the right set up and marketing, you make something you considered incomplete, fascinating to the rest of the world.  The idea is to keep everything and be sure to organize your confusion.

Keep everything. Yep I’ve said that quite a few times already I know, but keep everything. You never know what someone else may think about it. Maybe you can sell the record to someone else who can make it come to life or maybe you can one day pull a Kendrick or Nas and release records from the vault. People love nostalgic thoughts and you can help create memorable moments for your fans if you set things up properly.

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