Jimmy Hennec & Jak Brown Deliver ‘Hennec Nights’ EP


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Have the time of your life courtesy of the Real & Spotey Club.

Late last year Jimmy Hennec told me that him and Jak Brown (producer and engineer for 2 Chainz) was in the lab working on a new project. Shortly afterwards he sent me a record titled “Quaalude”. Now at first glance I was like, “bro what are you doing right now”, but after listening to the single I understood exactly where he was going with the music.

Months went by as he continued to work on the project that at the time didn’t have a title. Then one day he hit me and ask for me to stop by the studio to take a listen to the EP. As I traveled to Jak’s studio at an undisclosed location, I found myself in a room full of vape smoke from Hennec himself and a container full of candy that took my back to my childhood days of walking to Mrs. Annette house in Unionville with a couple of dollars in my pocket.

As I sat on the sofa a few more minutes went by and then someone else walked in the studio. His face and voice very familiar, but at the time I didn’t pay it any attention. I later realized it was the homie Fish Scales from Nappy Roots.

After everyone introduced themselves we began to take a listen to the music (which has been titled Hennec Nights at this point). In between listens Hennec would ask us for our honest feedback as well as gave his own commentary behind the song. Eight tracks later I was feeling like I was back at the dorm rooms of The Village at Georgia State, throwing one of the biggest parties ever (beats and school man…beats and school)! I had just experienced a Hennec Night and it was everything I thought it would be.

Scales, Jak, Hennec and myself sat there talking for a while after all the music was heard and immediately starting throwing out marketing ideas to support the music. Now I want get into everything we talked about that night, but just now that the artwork was definitely sparked during that conversation.

Today Jimmy Hennec and Jak Brown officially release Hennec Nights for the world to experience themselves just in time for the weekend. Check out the full track list and stream below.

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