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Why Losing Helps Bring You Closer To A Win

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Start inviting those loses.

How many of you have heard of the phrase “law of averages”? By definition this is known as the principle that supposes most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average. So what does that really means? Basically the more you do something, the better chance you will have a predictable outcome.

It’s a term I learned back during my personally selling class at Georgia State and at my first job right out of college. Think of it this way, if you ask 10 people to buy a t-shirt (this is assuming you have your pitch to sell perfected) and 1 says yes, then you have a 10% conversion rate. This means that you need go through 9 “no’s” to get that 1 “yes”. The goal of this theory is to take out all of the anxiety of failing. Now when you get a no, you don’t care, you keep going because you know you’re closer to that yes.

Take Cam Newton for an example. Last night was tough on him. He had a great season, won this years MVP award, but his end result was 2nd place. No Super Bowl victory. Even though the NFL chances are slightly different than selling t-shirts, Cam can look at his chances of winning the next Super Bowl even greater now because of the lost.

So pound that payment. Keep writing down your goals, but more importantly invite those loses. Keep track of them and figure out your conversion rates. Once you have that number, you will notice how things become clear again.

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