Don’t Be Fooled By Slow Motion Better Than No Motion



Change your perspective.

Remember the saying “Slow Motion Better Than No Motion”. I’m sure you have. I’ve even used it myself from time to time. So lets break it down for a second. What is slow motion? It’s most commonly known as an effect in film-making whereby time appears to be slowed down.

So in theory we are supposedly better off with things moving slowly rather than them not moving at all. For a while I always felt that was true and even as I write this, I think that it may have some validity. However, today I’m thinking a bit differently.  I believe at times no motion can be a good thing.

We always feel like we should be moving forward, never looking at the past. But what about standing still. What happens when we wait patiently AFTER preparing.  The results can be amazing! When we take the time to truly plan, our outcome become can be more in our favor.

How do we plan better? Well that times time to ourselves (no motion). That lack of motion gives us real time with our thoughts, hence better planned outcomes. So the next time you feel like moving slowly is better than not moving at all, change the way you think. Focus more on living in the moment  and prepping for a better future.

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