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[Sunday Spotlight] Descendent

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Sunday Spotlight Descendent

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Descendent.

The past couple of days has brought heavy snow across the east coast and if you’re in Atlanta like myself, then you even notice a few flurries that “terrorized” the city. While some may be able to roam free across the city, a hand full of you may be experiencing a bit of cabin fever right now. But no worries us here at Da Den has some heat ready for you to melt away whatever is keeping you in the house. Lazies meet Descendent.

The Newport News, Virginia native first made it on our radar back in 2013 with his “Move Something” single. It was the first release from his Road To Greatness Journey Of A Lost Soul. Since then we have pretty much supported everything this guy has to offer.

Now residing in Raleigh, North Carolina, Descendent continues to bring realness and awareness to a world of a corruption and lies. The truth needs to be heard and we here at Da Den plan to continue spreading the dopeness. Take time to get to know him through music and visuals below.