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The Ugly Truth About Burning A Bridge

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Keep them relationships in tact.

Have you ever heard the expression never burn a bridge? Of course you have, but have anyone really explained why you shouldn’t? And what about those who burn the bridge with you…what should your response be?

Well today I just want to briefly speak on the ugly truth about burning a bridge. First off, when you burn a bridge or terminate a relationship, you ultimately sign an agreement to never work or do business with that person again. So why does this happen? One word…EMOTIONS. That’s right your emotions will have you making poor business decisions, because you are thinking with your heart and not looking at the facts.

The truth is we never know if a failed relationship today will turn into a multi-million dollar partnership tomorrow. So what’s the solution? The best way to truly not burn a bridge is to simply agree to disagree. “Hey I respect your opinion, but I just don’t feel that way”, “Maybe this is not the best deal for both of us”, “Keep me in the loop on future deals”, etc. All of those responses leave room for business to done in the future, while turning down the current deal.

Now what do you do about those people that you ABSOLUTELY can’t stand and will never do business with? That decision is fine especially if its not one done emotionally. However keep in mind that you never know. We grow older and we tend to forget about the things that bothered us in our 20s. So instead of being disrespectful and yelling at the top of your lungs at that person, simply say hey this is not the best thing for us both and agree to disagree. If you have to delete their number, that’s cool too. Just don’t forget to back up your contacts before doing so.

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