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Diggin’ In Da Den: Future Predicts His Success Back In 2011

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Future diggin in da den

Looks like he chose the right name.

Unless you slept all of 2015 then it was no doubt in your mind about the success that Future had. From the release of mixtapes Beast Mode and 56 Nights along with releasing albums DS2 and his joint project with Drake, What a Time to Be Aliveits pretty evident that Future is here to stay.

Now I’m not gonna talk about Ciara or all of that gossip stuff here, but what I will say is that this guy earned my respect along the years. I honestly didn’t think that he would still be around, but he proved me along with countless of others wrong. Thinking of all of that, I remembered seeing an interview back in 2011 of him talking about writing “Racks” for YC and how he would be around.

After a few searches on Google, I finally found the interview and wanted to share with you guys for our Diggin’ In Da Den series. Watch the clips below.

Speaks on success of “Racks” and how that record changed everything.

The importance of having a DJ and how all he needed was to get his foot in door and the rest would work its way out.

Talking switching styles and not leaning forever.

Raising the bar with his music, Pluto and Dirty Sprite.