Drake Responds To Meek Mill...With An Actual Record "Charged Up"

Drake Responds To Meek Mill…With An Actual Record “Charged Up”

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Drake Charged Up

Flex got some too…

Unless you live under a rock somewhere, haven’t paid your cellphone or internet bill (which in that case you wouldn’t be seeing this post) then you have heard about Meek Mill calling out Drake about his allege ghostwriter Quentin Miller. Well after a penned letter from QM himself denying the allegations, Drizzy makes his side of the story known…get this…with a record!

Now I want to remain completely in the unbiased on this one, because truth be told only Drake and QM know the real truth, however I’m all for settling “beef” on wax and not in the streets and definitely not on social media.

Drake responds to Meek Mill with a new record called “Charged Up” on this week’s episode of OVO Sound Radio. Now as I type this I can’t help but wonder if this was a move to help promote Apple Music, but I digress. Anyway I know you Lazies rather hear the music instead of me going on and on, so check out the record along with a few quotes I pulled that are undoubtedly aimed at Meek Mill and Funk Flex.

“Need DJ Clue to drop a bomb on it/ None of them want this more than I want it/
I see you niggas having trouble going gold/ Come and live all your dreams at OVO/
No woman ever had me star struck/ Or was able to me get my bars up”

Drake also took the time to drop out two more records tonight, which we included below.

Drake – “Hotline Bling” (prod. Nineteen85)

Drake – “Right Hand” (prod. Vinylz & Frank Dukes)

I’m sure Meek Mill already has some bars in the stash waiting. To be continued…