Stream Mélat’s ‘It Happens So Fast’ EP


Melat It Happens So Fast EP

The Austin singer releases her latest EP.

Since coming across her music last year, Mélat has continued to be one of the few R&B artist that get traction here on Da Den. Why you ask? Simply put, the Texas native makes good music. Her voice is unique and the way she writes will have you lost in your imagination.

Yesterday I received an email with a download link of her latest project It Happens So Fast and before I could download the EP, I was presented with another email with a new link because her fans literally broke the link with excessive downloads. That’s a good problem to have now a days. Today we get the official stream of the project. This is the first time Melat opened her albums to multiple producers as she called on Jansport J, WoodysProduce, Robbie Anthem, Sam Greens, Moon Bounce, Maaps, and Pha The Phenom.

Stream the 5-track EP below and head here to support.