Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Artist No Suh Foster
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[Sunday Spotlight] No Suh Foster

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist No Suh Foster.

For this week’s Sunday Spotlight we take a trip down to Mobile, Alabama. Truth is I don’t know much about the city, but one thing for certain it’s hip-hop scene is prevalent and thriving with local talent. One of those artist just so happen to be in the city for a couple of weeks and for the past couple of days I’ve seen him perform twice. Those performances along made it easy to name him our Sunday Spotlight artist this week.

Lazies meet No Suh Foster. First off, one of the dopest names ever! Second this guy can really spit. We first came to know about him back in 2012 on his Snooze Button mixtape. Introduced by the homie Inkwell, Foster is part of the Nu Nation collective that sets the tone of raw and aggressive hip-hop with a message for the people. His most recent release, X The Street From The Church is still in rotation and can be heard below, along with more tunes and visuals.