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Justin Paul: Creme De La Crack (Album)

Justin Paul: Creme De La Crack (Album)

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justin paul creme de la crack

Welcome To Opulence Rap.

Lazies meet Justin Paul. If you are a real hip-hop head that still read the credits in your albums, then there is a chance you’ve seen the name before. Most recently on T.I.’s Paperwork album. Now residing in Los Angeles, I first came across Justin Paul’s music during a podcast with Grammy nominated producer Ace Harris.

It was during that conversation when Ace spoke briefly about an artist that he was working with by the name of Justin Paul. The words that he used to describe the music that him and fellow Grammy nominated producer Shama “Sak Pase” Joseph was working on with Paul was luxury rap. You can imagine what my thought process was after hearing a description like that. Ace proceeded to play me a couple records to tease my interest even more. If memory serves me correctly, those records were “Hollywood Be Thy Name” and the Jake Troth assisted “Castle In The Making”. Both records left me amazed, mainly because they sounded so different sonically. Some how some way, Ace and Sham had managed to create a new song that still truly embodied the hip-hop sound that I hold near and dear to my heart.

After we finished our conversation Ace gave me a gift as I walked out of the studio. It was Justin Paul’s Creme De La Crack album. The packaging matched the description of his music…luxury. Simple but elegant with artwork and inserts to match. As I drove off to make my way home, I did what everyone else does when you get new music, played it. Lets just say I drove home slow that day. There was no way that I was waiting to finish this solid body of work in the house. I took the advice of the last song on the album and played this while I drive, this is “Music For The Long Ride”.

Fast forward nearly 8 months later and the world gets the chance to experience what I did. Trust me this 9 track album from Justin Paul is indeed the best of all the crack music you will hear this year. Get ready to experience opulence rap in the form of Creme De La Crack.