J-Coop Talks #GoodMorningMsBadu EP, Freestyles
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J-Coop Of The Winning Team Talks Good Morning Ms Badu EP, Freestyles On Conversations Outside Da Den (Video)

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Today we start a new chapter here on Da Den. A lot of you are already familiar with our podcast (subscribe on iTunes if you haven’t already). However we wanted to extend our convo outside Da Den, hence our new series Conversations Outside Da Den.

Our first guest is the homie J-Coop of The Winning Team. Him and the crew are working on a new EP entitled Good Morning Ms Badu, dedicated to the soulful singer. Yesterday they release the first single off the project “Same Ol Day” featuring DiV.W. With that being said Coop decided to give us some insight on the single and the project. Of course if you are slightly familiar with anything we do here then you know we had to get some bars. Coop being the dope emcee he is, did so with ease.