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Happy Birthday Jay-Z!!!!

Happy Birthday Jay-Z!!!!

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jay-z 44

It’s December 4th and Jay-Z turns 44!!! In all honesty its hard to forget just how old Hov really is. Lets face it, dude continues to move the culture forward and whenever we think he is getting “old”, he reinvents himself. With arguably three (I say four…don’t sleep on American Gangster) classics under his belt, a net worth at nearly $500 million, a beautiful wife with a great career of her own, launching Roc Nation Sports sports agency and not to mention you can’t turn on the radio these days (if that’s what you’re into) without hearing something off of Magna Carta. I think it safe to Shawn Corey Carter did alright for himself. He announced via Life+Times that him and Beyonce will embark on a 22 day vegan challenge as a way to kick off his 44th. So with that being said help me send a Happy Birthday from Da Den to Jay-Z!!! Oh and to celebrate turning 44 how about we bring back his classic 44 Fours freestyle live from Radio City Music Hall from 2006.

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