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Slum Pritt: Morningside Massacre (Prod. by HPthaHybrid)

Slum Pritt: Morningside Massacre (Prod. by HPthaHybrid)

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This is a bittersweet moment for this record. On the one hand its dope hip-hop, but on the other it takes us back to a time where the world was just a bad place. Slum Pritt has this message to describe one of the worst days in American history:

Almost 34 years to this day (November 3, 1979) Ku Klux Klansmen killed five protest marchers in the neighborhood where i was born and raised (Morningside Homes) The “Death to the Klan March” and protest was the culmination of attempts by the Communist Workers’ Party to organize mostly black industrial workers in the area. I wasn’t born yet but this hit home so hard that I was propelled to scribe this record.

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