PHZ-Sicks: Lost & Found Feat. Alison Carney


Lost & Found

With every project you do, an artist has to make sure that the project either follows a theme lyrically or musically throughout. This is what separates an okay album from a great one. In the process of this, good songs have to be dropped for the bigger picture. Lost & Found falls into that category. Lost & Found produced by Stompboxx Music (who will have a larger hand in the sound of PHZ-Sicks’ upcoming project, The Moment) features electric soul singer, Alison Carney, as PHZ-Sicks lyrically has a conversation with a female friend about the ups and downs of love. “This song is an accumulation of experiences and conversations I’ve had with female friends. I feel like if I can help my friends through something as powerful as love and music has the power to change anything, I should share my thoughts on it and hopefully it’ll help someone else that needs it,” says PHZ-Sicks.