Chromat!k – Welcome To Tomorrow (Album)


At the open minded and ambitious age of 19, Chromat!k breathes fresh air into an otherwise over saturated world of music. Serving as a voice for the troubled, outcast species, his lyrics are laced with consciousness and authenticity in hopes to transport the listener out of the matrix and into the ChromeOzone. His latest mixtape or better yet album, “Welcome To Tomorrow,” takes you through the many sides and experiences of not only Chromat!k himself but the human mind in general. With the help of wonder-kid producer and visionary, Zach Witts, all is brought to life while combining elements of hip hop and electronic music. By using classic or little known Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and House tunes as a background, Chrome is able to connect the past and future, painting pictures all can relate to. Welcome to the ChromeOzone, Welcome to tomorrow.