Stream Koo Kumar's 'The2amTape' EP

Stream Koo Kumar’s ‘The2amTape’ EP

you can thank J.Good April 19, 2016 1 Comment


The SOTG member unleashes his latest effort.

We first got to know Koo Kumar on Truez’s True3nough‬ mixtape. Now back then he was just another guy on an project and I really didn’t pay much attention to what he had to say. Yes I’m being brutally honest right now.

However time past and I kept seeing the name pop up from time to time. But it wasn’t until I heard his “ILLegal N****Z” single featuring Truez & Jurnee Traverse that really made me double back and give this guy a second listen. Add that to his “Not As Koo” single he dropped earlier this year and I was sold.

Today Koo Kumar steps out fully on his own to deliver his The2amTape EP. The five track EP is just a quick glimpse into the Augusta native world. Peep the full track list and stream below.