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Stream (J) Rowdy and The NightShift EP

Stream (J) Rowdy and The NightShift EP

you can thank J.Good March 9, 2016

(J) Rowdy and The NightShift EP.

The two deliver jazz, rock, hip hop and more over 7 tracks.

You’ve heard me say from time to time that the live show is everything to an emcee’s longevity. Now add a dope live band to that performance and you have the formula for success for years to come. Enter (J) Rowdy and The NightShift.

The two formed a unique chemistry after performing countless numbers of live shows recently. So much so that a 7 track EP ended up being the result. Check out the EP below along with the breakdown of the band members.

Drums: Atticus Reynolds
Guitar: Nathan Huvard
Keys: David Klingman
Bass: Butler Knowles
Vocals: Kevin “Rowdy” Rowsey, Tracy Lamont, Michael Young