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Have A Leonardo DiCaprio Mentality

you can thank J.Good February 29, 2016


Patience is truly a virtue.

It took 26 years, 5 nominations and a world of patience, but it finally happened. What are we talking about? Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning his first Oscar. So what exactly does this have to do with your music career?

It’s simple. Your career should be a marathon and not a sprint. Laying a solid foundation takes time and along that journey you will hit a lot of obstacles, some of which that will make you want to quit. When that moment comes, think of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Think about being great over and over again only to not be recognized for it. Then think about how he stayed on the course and focused on the true goal. He had a mentality that he would eventually be recognized for his work, all he needed to do was keep creating.

Focus on the end goal and enjoy the journey. If you lay the proper foundation, you will be here for a while. Those awards and accolades will come.

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