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El-Shareef – “Wizards” (Prod. By Professa)

you can thank J.Good November 30, 2015 0 comments


Some new heat from the Milwaukee native.

Past Sunday Spotlight artist El-Shareef returns to Da Den with a new jam titled “Wizards”. The Professa-produced single is the first from the Milwaukee native since “Poor Mans Bill Gates” a couple of months ago.

And because he took the time to give us the lyrics, I thought we should share those with you along with the single below.

Lyrics: V1-
Use to sleep inside my car now I lay up with ah…Model b*tches I don’t follow b*tches less it’s Twitter… Talking bout role models not them models on the pictures, f*ck the cover girl I rather lay up with her sister…
Blowing on that mary man that sh*t feels like it’s magic cuz it just help me stay afloat whenever I’m off balance use to be with jay and shak wilding off in traffic back when she first gave me action I use to skip practice

Uncle in that kitchen cooking told me it was magic that was when I seen him wrap that crystal up in plastic that was when I seen his pistol had that trey 8 magnum police banging at the door but he won’t give no answer
Smoking cigarettes he say hope it bring him cancer at the dealership he say hope he can get a Phantom told him say his prayers then our God gone make it happen played him my new tape he say that sh*t sound like its magic

Hook– when they hear my shit they say it’s magic blowing on a zip I think it’s magic my uncle use to whip He say it’s magic drugs take u on a trip you’ll think it’s magicx2

V2– use to sleep inside my car now I lay up in a … Hotel where the hoes tell everybody that Im with em I keep a low profile cuz the police on my radar say I look suspicious cuz my car b full of n*ggas don’t b searching thru my merchan …… Don’t b asking if I’m packing where Im working if Im serving…tryna book me find a purpose….or get these f*cking handcuffs off me mr police I ain’t lurkin….
I ain’t drunk driving Im swerving back to my crib I got nervous lost control of that suburban almost hit the curb ain’t got service, (I hope I find some magic, stuck in traffic need to burn this Baggie where’s the closet alley all the dealers rally need it badly for I lose my mind I hope I find it for them demons catch me burning out the time Im losing sight hope they don’t come and snatch me,) Cuz if so then I might jumpout this window man it got me paranoid I think it’s magic in my Indo (echo)