Sean C. Johnson: CIRCA 1993 (Album)

Sean C. Johnson: CIRCA 1993 (Album)

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sean c. johnson circa 1993


The beauty of music is that at even given time an artist can pour their heart and emotions on record. This is what happened with Sean C. Johnson’s latest album CIRCA 1993. The album is set during a time when a series of events occurred death of his mother, falling in love with music, giving his life to Christ and more.

Take a look at his explanation of the album and the full length stream below.

SIDE A is set in 1993 and touches on dealing with the death of my mother (“Mountains”), falling in love with music and exploring my musical tastes (“Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang” & “Melodies”), and hearing the gospel for the first time (“Redemption Song” & “Never Knew Him”)

SIDE B, If Side A is the “Cause”, Side B is the “Effect” and is set in the present. It explores me being aware of the many sins in my life (including bad word ography) and shows me maturing, growing, and walking out my faith (“Mirror” & “No Flex Zone”). It also shows how bad word ography has warped my view of love now that I’m in a relationship (“Made of Love”). And lastly the album concludes with me accepting my call to make God honoring music (“Final Frontier”)

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