Smiles and success are matched by Musician Ebony Henry


It’s extremely difficult to be a working woman who also has to take care of the family. But there are a few super women like Ebony Henry that do this with a smile and excel in it like superheroes.

Ebony is a mother, a wife and six figure entrepreneur. In fact she is a multiple six-figure entrepreneur. Her passion is to help women become more financially independent. She does so by spreading financial literacy among women.

This process of literacy includes understanding the kind of life one wants to lead. It also involves a deep understanding of how one wants to give it back.

To achieve this Ebony Henry has gone through a lot of struggles. These struggles in no way could hinder her path. Ebony kept walking the path she has chosen and has been successfully overcoming all the challenges on the way.

Ebony has worked as a Federal Agent. During that phase she was a part of an elite task force. From there to becoming an entrepreneur who is an educator, Ebony has seen a lot. This experience reflects in the kind of work that she does.

Most importantly, Ebony understands the struggles that can come with a 9 to 5 job. This is where she stepped in to help countless women seeking financial literacy. Ebony dreams of creating a place where lots and lots of women are leading a life of fulfilled dreams and are giving back to the communities that they receive from.