JD Rex Is A Young Entrepreneur Who Is On A Mission To Change The Music Industry For The Better


With the advent of so many different industries, many new youngsters have come forward to showcase their talents not just in one field, but many. They are the ones who through the process of continuous hustling and learning new things carve a unique niche for themselves even in a competitive environment. One amongst such youngsters is Johnny Dominguez, also known as JD Rex. He has taken every step forward to carve a niche for himself in the e-commerce space and with that has become the reason of success behind the growth of many businesses.

JD Rex had an affinity towards the technological world since his early days; this inclination somewhere became instrumental in him getting into the industry, making him a software developer. Over the years after gaining some great experiences and learning a lot many things through the process, turned him into a high-capable software development professional of the US, also capable of changing the dynamics of the technology space for the better.

He has been a former 7-figures trader, who so far has had the opportunity to dip his hands in more than 20 business ventures as an owner or a partner. As an entrepreneur and an astute tech professional, JD Rex has been able to successfully gather knowledge in technical disciplines and business in advanced technology architecture, engineering and product development.

Born in Cuba, this high-performing professional has a rich experience in the industry to launch and operate new businesses across a multitude of verticals. To further positively impact the e-commerce community with his knowledge and skills, JD Rex has been able to harmonize and integrate various fields for creating novel technologies and system, all unique in their own way.

JD Rex, today is the proud CEO of Vestige LLC, which is high-growth Amazon retailer that is a catalyst for helping businesses increase their profits with the help of online automation. Where others in the industry still depend on manual work, JD Rex has built a robust solution making Amazon automation unique from others as a skilled software developer.

As an innovative leader, JD Rex leads a team of talented and learned professionals that together bring about a greater beneficial change in the e-commerce space through Vestige. JD Rex has been known in the industry as also a tech leader for delivering the best and the most sought for tech solutions, helping businesses to further their growth and success.

His next aim is also to venture into the entertainment space and apply his skills and experience as a trader in the same, by making many musical artists achieve growth in their career and receive more recognition.