Jamee Cornelia is.... A Soundcloud Rapper? - and Listen!

Jamee Cornelia is…. A Soundcloud Rapper?

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Well…. Not Exactly.

Jamee Cornelia is a creative force who has touched on pretty much every aspect of creative design from graphic art, to videography, to fashion design, to lyrics…. the list goes on.

But her most recent endeavor in rapping is her newest Mixtape “Soundcloud Rapper” which features several “Type Beats” and a generally dope sound. All Of this is accentuated by the amazing artwork inspired by painter Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The Thrift God spits with style and vigor and even has some dope and catchy melodies to go along with it. Cornelia and producer Chiveer are a good combination and I hope to hear more from them as a team.

You can hear the tape Here:

Be sure to stream her EP “I Don’t Take This Life Shit Seriously” HERE