BREAKING: Momo Pixel Does Not Play The Guitar


The fact that Momo Pixel went ahead and put that right on the table off the bat shows her transparency and authenticity.

All of this shines through on her newest release; a jazzy, funky, smooth as butter EP “I Don’t Play Guitar.” The project was predominately self produced except for one song where she got a little help from producer  WLDMND.

You might remember Momo from back when we covered her EP DEXTER’S LAB on Janurary of last year. And even as awesome as that tape was, there is significant artistic and creative growth in such a short time span.

“IDPG” Is a blend of Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop and Electronic alternative sounds. It is as smooth as butter and guaranteed to generate more bread for Miss Pixel. You can hear the album on the link below or stream it on the spotify player below.