Although Khyri is usually known for his rapping, on this song he displays his ability to flow and croon over this Brian Jai production. “Energy” is a song that puts you in focus, perfect for the late night and early morning. Directed by Khyri himself he gives us that late night vibe, dark, seductive and mysterious. Watch how you speak on his name, Khyri is here to stay. Originally from South Carolina, now based in CT/NYC ; Khyri posses that southern style and voice, while also being able to display subtle but potent lyricism. Khyri has taken his time to perfect his craft since starting his journey in Hip-Hop at the age 11. Not only is Khyri a well-rounded artist vocally, being able to croon, change flows, and display real lyricism; he also his a well-rounded producer. On his latest project “Fire” he produced over 60% of it himself. Khyri is some everyone should keep there eyes and ears out for. Follow Khyri