PaperMann – Mobb $hit Only [Ep]


I haven’t heard anything this south since Camouflage and BG. Straight gutta music for your ears. The production is sorta in that Kodak Black vibe. It’s in house production with some gutta funk to it.  PaperMann does a good job putting his life into the music.  He didn’t lack one bit and cheat his audience. This music came from the bottom of his heart. Shows the progression he made in life period. PaperMann tells you about the street life but the parts that most rappers don’t tell you.  He talks about how a friend robbed him. Sad thing about it his friend was more like a brother. PaperMann couldn’t get pay back because he knew his friend mom really good. That’s deep, something most can relate to. Check it out here now.



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