PURECOMP Finds Himself [Music]


Hair Made Of Wool and My Skin Made Of Bronze.

Atlanta emcee PureComp finds himself with a little help from his friends. In a world filled with hatred, giant egos, fake news and hypersensitivity it’s hard to find your center. PureComp articulates this with skill and precision. Right by his side is the homie SinDaGod rapping with just as much skill and conviction as his partner.


You can hear more from PureComp and his camp on his soundcloud, bandcamp or on the visual for his 1992 Tupac Movie inspired single “Juiced Up” below. Either way you won’t be disappointed in the promising talent, especially if you’re a fan of raw unadulterated HIPHOP.

If you want to go even further than that he has a solid mixtape from 2015 that’s a pretty dope listen.