Stream Theo Tywan’s More Than Words EP


If you’ve ever had the pleasure to see Theo Tywan live then you can tell as soon as he opens his mouth that his expression is genuine and he has not come to play.

The Atlanta based emcee, vocalist and producer has been on the scene carrying himself with class and professionalism that can not be matched. So when Theo Tywan throws on a blazer, some jeans, a bow tie and tells you that his words are more than just a series of sounds spewing out of his mouth, you better believe him.

His newest EP, More Than Words is a pretty solid representation of that.

It is a 7 track quick listen but every moment is meticulously picked, placed and delivered in style. With the Perfect Blend of R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop and modern electric drums accentuated by smooth vocals and clever bars, I think it’s safe to say that this guy knows where he fits sonically.

You can hear the album and see more information about Theo on his website THEOTYWAN.COM  stream below or on your favorite streaming app.