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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Civil Writes
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[Sunday Spotlight] Civil Writes

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Civil Writes.

For the past 4 years or so now we’ve been doing this Sunday Spotlight feature where we deliver what we consider some of the dopest talent on the net. Sometimes those names come by referral and some times by chance, however the best way to get seen is to be seen.

Allow me to explain. When we see you perform and take your music from online to on stage, we get the full experience. That’s what happened again with this week’s Sunday Spotlight. Lazies meet Civil Writes.

The East Atlanta natives Sean Emcee & Draft shouldn’t be a stranger to you. They first hit Da Den back in 2013 with their self titled debut project. Since then they’ve been a name that I heard float around for some time, mainly from the homie simple hues.

A couple of nights ago I had the pleasure to see Civil Writes perform live and the vibe was unreal. Stage presence was their and quite simple they had records that resinated with the entire crowd. Not to mention they are genuinely some good dudes.

Sean Emcee & Draft will drop their Fake News EP tomorrow and we thought this was the perfect time to get you caught up with everything Civil Writes before had. Check out their entire catalog below.