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NorCal Nick Sends A Simple "thank u." On Latest Drop

NorCal Nick Sends A Simple “thank u.” On Latest Drop

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A simple message.

First off NorCal Nick artwork game is beyond some of the best in the game. The fact that this guy pays homage to beautiful women is just genius to me. Today he returns with another gem with the tomppabeats-produced “thank u.”.

Head down bottom for the lyrics and stream.

thank u,
For nothing in particular,
For coffee when I’m getting up,
For talking til the sun is up,
Im sorry that I kept you up, again.

thank u.

it’s true.

I was so was done with love,
I said I had enough,
I said that love was war,
it’s true.

we all fall to our knees,
but you made me believe,
we could break free,
from that.

love is calling on me,
its been so long overdue,
used to say I was better alone,
now I know that I’m better with you,

thank u.
For nothing in particular,
for the coffee when I’m getting up,
for talking til the sun is up,
I’m sorry that I kept you up, again.

thank u.

its true.

i think I’m head over feet.
or is it head over heels?
I still give you that heat,
You still give me those chills.

I think I found me the real,
falling in love with that journey,
whatever brought me to you,
brought me to you with a purpose..

you know that it’s only you,
you know that it’s always been.

I can’t believe I ever let you go babe,
I don’t know how.
and you know I wish I woulda chased you down,
But how bout now?

thank u.

better late than never,
there’s no better time than now,
baby stay with me forever,
I think you saved me from myself.

oh, it’s true.

oh, thank u.

for nothing inpaticular
the way we fall all tangled up,
but when you’re hot you hook your foot,
i probably woke you up to bad word, again.