Essence Of Hip-Hop Sparks Up [Video] - and Listen!

Essence Of Hip-Hop Sparks Up [Video]

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It only takes a spark, right?


Essence Of Hip-Hop is an Ohio based artist out of Atlanta that has been making waves on the Hip-Hop scene for several years. With a work ethic and drive that is incomparable, style and bars to go along with it she seems to have the whole package.

Her latest Release “Spark Up” Produced By Queen Amina under the pseudonym “MommyBeats” with the assistance of Winning Team artist Spooks McGhie is a high energy Hip-Hop record that is fun but also has a lowkey message. Don’t worry what others think and shine your light, because it only takes a spark to get a fire going… Right?


You can hear more of essence on her soundcloud. ESSENCE OF HIPHOP