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Vic Spencer Keeps His Bond Solid On "L.O.C."

Vic Spencer Keeps His Bond Solid On “L.O.C.”

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Every lasting brotherhood.

Vic Spencer continues to be one of our favorites in the Chi. Today he returns with an ode to his crew on “L.O.C.”. Vic pays homage while flowing effortlessly over an ill sample. He explains the meaning of his crew below.

L.O.C (loyalty over cash) is a group of guys Vic Spencer put together within the Savemoney Army. The group really had all the Savemoney street homies in it, nearly no other Savemoney rappers besides Sterling Haze & Brian Fresco, Brian has the L.O.C tatted on his arm. The group was strong before the fame came along and that’s what it was about: brothers getting together to discuss their livelihoods in one peace without the stigma of mobbing. L.O.C was once called “The Lil’ One Click”, something that Vic and his older brother had as a bonding conglomerate to make up for lost time with Vic and his brother being in DCFS most of their lives. They vowed to never forget about one another. At press time, Vic is still active with all SMLOC members till this day. They never forgot one another.