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Meka Jackson Asks The Million Dollar Question "Why God" In Latest Visual

Meka Jackson – “Why God” (Video)

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Why do bad stuff happen to good people?

Over the years hear at Da Den we’ve come across an abundance of dope artist from across the globe. One of those names that we have patiently awaited to return is Meka Jackson. The Dallas based artist first made his way on Da Den back in 2014 with the release of his “Stuck On Cupid” single.

Now some three years later we got word that Meka dropped a new visual for his “Why God” single that immediately caught our attention. In the Jeff Adair-shot visual Meka ask those questions that we’ve all thought about from time to time, rapping “peer pressure busting pipes from mics to ears we lost like Tyson fights, in Christ we trust but Lucifer got Judas crucified with us”.

When asked about why he felt its necessary to make a record like “Why God”, Meka says…

“I simply struggled to understand why bad stuff happen to good people. All things being fair, why would God let innocent people die from wars, terrorism, racial oppression etc and why God would let evil prevail in the first place. Do we just have faith everything happens for a good reason on the grand scheme? Is this karma? Predestine? Are we being punished? Or is this all just mere human choice and coincidence? I couldn’t come to a clear consensus, still cant so i channeled it all in.”

Hopefully this means more music is on the way. In the meantime watch “Why God” below.