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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Introspective Minds
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[Sunday Spotlight] Introspective Minds

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Introspective Minds.

Up until this very moment it never occurred to me that we have never in the almost 5 year existence of this site have had a producer as a Sunday Spotlight. Now my memory may be slightly off or we may have had a few artists/producers, but never someone who caught our attention solely off of their production.

Well today all of that changes and thanks to the homie simple hues, we have something else in the works that we won’t speak on just yet. Instead I will say Lazies meet Introspective Minds.

The very first time I heard anything from the production duo was on J-Coop’s PimpTightPlaya album. At the time it was incomplete, but I was lost in the production from Introspective Minds. The way they choose samples and how they chop was simply amazing.

Today we decided to pull together their catalog of beat tapes and production discography for your listening pleasures. Disclaimer: fellow rappers please reach out to them before jacking a beat and fellow producers you will be inspired and upset at the same damn time.