Stream The Renaissance's 'Product Of My Generation' LP
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Stream The Renaissance’s ‘Product Of My Generation’ LP

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The Morehouse student graduates to rap on new LP.

Finally accepting that I’m an old head in this game of hip-hop, from time to time my peers along with myself would say, “I don’t understand this generation”. Now to be fair things are notably different, but life is all about progression. There will be some things I love and some things that I don’t give a second listen. Thankfully there are a select number of artist that restore that feeling that I grew up with while providing the balance of today.

One of those artist that showcase this the most is 20 year old emcee The Renaissance. Today he returns to the scene with a 13 track LP, Product Of My Generation. This is his first project in nearly two years and you wouldn’t be able to tell at all.

He describes the project as “an introspective look into the life of Lorenzo Moore. From his struggles at home, to the issues he has within himself surrounding pride, envy, fear, emotion, and faith, (or lack there of) he paints a picture of his life, but also points out key characteristics that will allow any listener to relate to him and his story.”

Stream Product Of My Generation below.