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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Yani Mo
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[Sunday Spotlight] Yani Mo

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Sunday Spotlight Yani Mo

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Yani Mo.

Throughout this site’s existence, we’ve had people ask us on a consistent bases about how we discover new talent. Now answering that question tends to change from time to time. And if I’m being completely honest, its almost NEVER through email. Most of the time its through an artist live show, the genius algorithm of Soundcloud or the most common one…a referral.

A couple of weeks ago, the homie No Suh Foster hit me with a simple message, “Bro…Are u hip 2 Yani Mo?”. Now at the time I’ve heard of the name, but wasn’t too familiar with the music. Then I did my due diligence and man lets just say I was slipping. Lazies meet Yani Mo.

The Lithonia, Ga native describes herself as “the lioness with 9 lives” and with music that reach everything from hip-hop to neo-soul, there’s no wonder why her influences range from Toni Morrison, Al Green, Lauryn Hill, and Dilla. With two projects already under her belt (Compound/Words and Space & Simplicity), Yani Mo has shifted her focus on hitting the road all over states.

Take the time to get to know her and her catalog below.