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Stream Dre Manning's 'FOUR' EP - and Listen!

Stream Dre Manning’s ‘FOUR’ EP

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Dre Manning four ep

The Dirty Hippie makes his debut on Da Den.

Today we get a new EP from the Co-Founder of Creative Collective Dre Manning. The Bronx native lands on Da Den for the first time and trust me he doesn’t disappoint. His FOUR EP consist of 4 tracks of which he started own 4 years ago. Now I know there are a lot of fours here and after the first listen this project scores a 4/4 for me.

Read Dre Manning’s thoughts below along with the stream.

I started working on this project 4 years ago. During that process I went through 2 relationships, child birth, opening a recording studio, losing my apartment and couch hopping. My manager dropping me with out even telling me. Working at a non-profit with some amazing young men. Finding myself as a man which helped make me a better artist. Linking up with old friends and forming City of GäDs now known as Creative Collective. Realizing there’s certain people I can’t associate with. Over 100 re-writes, lost beats, broken computers, 1000+ punch ins. No show bookings. People forgetting I make music. Me wanting to quit music. Going bald. Losing weight. Gaining it back. Finding love. Creating a family. Opening another studio. Getting laid off. Twice. Deciding not to give up on my goals. Taking my life choice more serious. Recording 200+ tracks to put on this project only using 4. Welcoming J Monop, Eric Sosa, Geronimo, Arbz the Wolf and Sheray to Creative Collective. Couple court cases that I won’t speak on. A bunch of bottles of Paul Maason. Couple pulls of the green. Lots of laughs. Attitudes. Fights and tears. Mixes. Masters and Uploads later. And it’s finally here. Hope you enjoy it.