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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight FlyMind Poets
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[Sunday Spotlight] FlyMind Poets

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Sunday Spotlight Flymind Poets

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight FlyMind Poets.

For this week’s Sunday Spotlight we get double the coverage. For the past couple of months we have been watching the twin brother duo closely. This guys have grown to a household name and its mainly do to their support that they give others. Now trust me, they are great artist and their music speaks for itself, but in an industry that most people are for self, it’s refreshing to see individuals who truly care about the culture. Lazies meet FlyMind Poets.

Trailblazzor and Barz Damu first came on our radar last year after performing at our Say What You Say Saturdays showcase at PAG Lounge. The brothers not only put on a great show, they have an eagerness to better themselves as artist. They would ask questions every chance they got and still do today. We thought it was about time to shine a bit of light on their NewGA campaign.

Take the time to get to know them and their music below.