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Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Best Of 2015 - and Listen!

Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Best Of 2015

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Featuring gems from J-Coop, EarthGang, DiV.W, Maurice Garland & more!

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and a great year is behind us. 2015 brought challenges, changes and sacrifice and now that it’s almost over I can say its been fun.

To end the year off right we decided to go through the archives and put together a Best of 2015 episode. There are so many gems here from guest like J-Coop, EarthGang, Maurice Garland, Jabee and more! So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen!

Want to skip ahead to your favorite part? Take a look at the breakdown below.

J-Coop 8:07 – 18:49
Melody Reyne 18:50 – 27:29
Avoiding A 360 Deal 23:30 – 33:17
Booking Show On The Road 33:18 – 40:26
Redcoat Da Poet 40:27 – 58:25
Drique London 1:02:40 – 1:09:26
Why You Need A DJ 1:09:27 – 1:13:50
Odell Simmons 1:13:51 – 1:18:53
Creating A Media Day Event 1:18:54 – 1:26:30
Earthgang 1:26:31 – 1:30:19
Collecting Emails Instead Of Selling Merch 1:30:20 – 1:35:19
DiV.W 1:35:20 – 1:40:28
Jabee 1:40:29 – 1:43:16
When To Get A Manager 1:43:17 – 1:47:45
Gospel Lee On Mentoring 1:47:46 – 1:53:01
Maurice Garland 1:53:02 – 1:58:35
Aldin Jackson 1:58:36 – 2:02:06

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