Listen to Baron Amato's 'Au Natural' LP
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Listen to Baron Amato’s ‘Au Natural’ LP

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Au Natural

The New Orleans native drops a new project.

There are artists, and then there are people who live art. Baron Amato AKA Big Chief Baron, is one of the rare few that fit the latter description. The Mobile bred, New Orleans based emcee, poet, and actor has been on somewhat of a hiatus since his role in the locally recognized yet classic collaboration album, Comatose Love Reality.

With Au Natural, however, he shows the strides he has made artistically and personally. Hailing from the tribe of Nu, Baron uses his latest release to play the role of the village doctor/warrior, offering both audio healing and war songs laced by various productions including his in house beat team, Robot House.

Click below to listen and follow this revolutionary artist Baron Amato.

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