Darko The Super: Oh No! Its Darko (Album Review)
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Darko The Super: Oh No! Its Darko (Album Review)

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Oh No Its Darko

A true experience indeed, Darko returns with another album “Oh No, Its Darko” inviting us on an emotional roller coster. He manifests humor, satire, imagery, and passion throughout this self produced project with guest appearances from Dudley Perkins, Homeboy Sandman, and Pyramid Vritra. The experience is symbolic to when Brian was on his mushroom trip to keep his mind busy during a terrible storm. Weird comparison I know, but if you play this project and watch that episode of Family Guy with the audio muted it may make more sense.

One can tell that he and Mr. Exquire spend a lot of time together due to the similar cadence which seems to pay homage to Ol’Dirty as he rap/sang on each song. He exemplifies by stretching his words which to some may seem driven towards shock value or just being comfortable with daring to be different. As the album opens with “The First Slit is the Deepest” the beat reminds me more of an interlude or outro because of how it begins, but as the beat and his flow make their transition, it became more like a motion picture intro. Darko is also no stranger to lyricism with his track “Dumb” guest starring Pyramid Vritra who opened up just throwing his words at you. You also get a track like “Change” which has a Kanye/ 9th Wonder feel to it with the sample and drum pattern. Darko gives you ways that he would change the world if he were in power to do so and also gives you a bit of boastful lyrics opening with “this world left my heart cold, thats when i found Darko, pick up the mask scratch off the bar code”. Then shortly after you get more first person point of view, ethos if you will, over topics that could bore a student like me like biology, but Dudley and The Super tend to make “rocks & minerals” seem fun with the way they attack “Water and Metal”.
Just like any other project or song from Darko The Super, this project is a definite experiment and adventure with his style as he continues to stay away from the 1,2,3,4 bar set ups and just merges with his beats freely. If you are a fan of music that may seem like an acid trip then this is for you. This is no elevator music or your normal rappity rap hip-hop, this is pushing the envelope in the flesh. I continue to have to be in a particular mood when listening to Darko, or completely absent minded to keep up and understand his style but that is was raises my attention every time. See for yourself and support by purchasing a limited edition tape limited to 50 copies from The Super himself.