[SODD Review] August Alsina: Testimony


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I’m back with another Album Review. Today, we concentrate on 22 year old August Alsina and his latest project Testimony. With an array of features including Rick Ross, Pusha T, Yo Gotti, Producers Drummer Boy and (of course) Mustard on the beat, August taps into the life of grind, struggle and trap on both male and female spectrums; relating to his life and the NEW average and every day female.

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The New Orleans native introduces his album with a musical bio entitled, “Testify.” Pretty much, it’s his life and struggle in a nut shell. The nicely recorded production goes in depth about how his father dealt with addiction, his mother kicking him out and doing what was necessary. It wasn’t until he signed with Radio Killer & Def Jam Records that his life began to lighten up. His main goal, to succeed in this music game so he doesn’t have to go back to the “trap.”

Moving down on the track list, Jeezy joins Alsina in “Make It Home” where he explodes with a game plan for the present and the future. Track 3, “Right There” address the other part of the struggle; dealing with pain, hardships and keeping momentum with “reaching for the stars.” Fortunately, he’s able to reassure his people that he’s not going no where and he won’t leave their side.

My favorite track on the album is “Grind & Pray/Get Ya Money” which features Brooklyn’s own Fabolous. This song in itself is an uplifter for the woman who goes through a lot to provide for hers and keep secure her income, even if it is stagnant. Whether you have a career dancing on a pole, or established as new business-woman, this track will get you on the right track and maybe add some “twerk” to your goals.

The best thing about this album is there are 5 BONUS TRACKS! So check out the stream below and see for your self. This is something R&B needs right now.

Yea I said it.




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