Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Curci
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[Sunday Spotlight] Curci

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Curci.

This week we head up to Colorado, Fort Collins to be exact as we meet an emcee who has made his way on Da Den quite a few times already. Lazies meet Curci.

Now there’s a very interesting story here. Back in 2014 we were casually hanging around Jay Electronica during A3C. In comes this kid with a skateboard who Jay Electronica asks to show him how to ollie. Now fast forward a couple of hours and we run into Curci on the festivals grounds.

Long story short, he recognized the Str8OutDaDen crewneck I had on and thanked me for the support we’ve showed him earlier that year on his Forever Summer mixtape. From there we recorded a podcast with the homie from the comfort of my Ford Taurus.

Shouts to @str8outdaden. Check out the new podcast ft myself on

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Now that a few years have passed, Curci is still hard at work on his craft, most recently with the release of his Figuring It Out LP. We here at Da Den felt it was about time we showed him his just due. So as always we included his catalog below.