Charlise J - "Need Somebody" Feat. Southern Playas (Prod. By Aphelion)

Charlise J – “Need Somebody” Feat. Southern Playas (Prod. By Aphelion)

you can thank J.Good November 10, 2016


The first lady of Playas Club Music Group drops her latest single.

The work that Clay James has put in during 2016 is unprecedented. The Savannah native struck a deal with Snoop Dogg and dropped a bevy of EPs and projects. There has been something else that’s consistent with those projects as well, they feature Charlise J.

The R&B songstress linked with Clay James & Messiah Da Rapper for here latest single “Need Somebody”. Produced by Aphelion, the single serves as a heartfelt single to those out there in the pursuit of their dreams.

Stream the single below.