Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight J Alston
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[Sunday Spotlight] J Alston

you can thank J.Good October 9, 2016 0 comments


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight J Alston.

Now there are rappers and then there are performers. Today’s Sunday Spotlight is a bit of both. Not only can he deliver bars unlike no other, the homie can rock any stage and leave you with the same impression…wow! Lazies met J Alston.

The Atlanta native has never officially made it on Da Den, even though we have had him on a few shows in the city. It was at those shows where I learn just how dope this guy is. Sporting his trademark HAZE t-shirt, the 6 foot something emcee graces the stage with so much energy that you’ll be forced to make some type of movement.

Today we decide to give him his just due and spotlight some of his catalog below for your enjoyment. Jump on the wave now.