Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Jevon Doe
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[Sunday Spotlight] Jevon Doe

you can thank J.Good June 19, 2016 1 Comment

Sunday Spotlight Jevon Doe

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Jevon Doe.

When you read this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist bio he says, “Whether you know it or not you’re already Doe! The feeling you get when you hear my music is really something that comes from you.” The truth is this is exactly why we chose him as the artist to shine some love on this week. Lazies meet Jevon Doe.

We came across the Houston native music a couple of days ago on TIDAL and the truth is I had to run the record back a couple of times. I didn’t know who this guy was but the music was so infectious, there was no choice but to love it. That song was “U Can Tell” and if you can’t tell that this guy is well on his way after listening, then I really don’t have an explanation.

Doe possess witty bars and clever wordplay, all over amazing production. A formula for success is a better way to sum it up. His debut project Story Of My Life is set for a June 24th release. In the meantime take the time to get familiar with him and his music below.