Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Major Key To Maximizing Exposure - Hire A Publicist

Str8OutDaDen Podcast: Major Key To Maximizing Exposure – Hire A Publicist Feat. Jae Michelle

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major key to maximizing exposure

Major key alert…no Khaled.

About a month or so back we started a series where we wanted to get insight from a publicist perspective. Now I know I promised to continue that dialogue, so my apologies for the wait. Trust me when I say it was well worth it.

For this week’s podcast we sat down with the Networking Connoisseur herself, Jae Michelle. She gives us the major key to maximizing exposure as an artist. Yep you guessed it, hire a publicist. We talked her journey from Compton, California and what landed her in Atlanta, how to stand out in a male dominated industry and more.

We had fun here and you will hear it all throughout our conversation. Turn the a/c on!!! (Trust me you will understand once you listen).

So you know the drill…sit back…Relax and Listen!

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