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Missed Pumpin Gumption Vol. 1? Watch The Recap - and Listen!

Missed Pumpin Gumption Vol. 1? Watch The Recap

you can thank J.Good December 17, 2015

pumpin gumption

Too live!

First off if you missed this and you’re in Atlanta, then you should be ashamed. Why? Well first off it was our 3 year anniversary and if you support us, we wanted you to be there. Second of all, we had some of the best underground artist in the southeast on the ticket.

The newly aligned Winner’s Circle tags some of their favorite affiliates from throughout Atlanta and the south to kick off another event for 2015 at Edgewood’s Music Room. Hosted by’s J.Good, featuring independent artists Kris J., No Suh Foster, Div. W, Truth, JaqueBeatz, Synik, Drique London, MarvXXL, Rod McCoy, Truez, J-Coop, Barnabus Shane, Ron Shirley, Jay Dot Rain, Da Deputy, Closely Related, SmokyDB and Fleetwood Fred.

Watch the full recap below.